Thursday, 4 May 2017


By Laura Soacha (3rd semester Social Communication student, level 4 English)

Within our daily routines all week, going out and taking a break with friends or family is an option. Very often though, the problem is that you do not know where to go. A new place that can produce a different feeling is the Napoles hot spring, which is a great option to get rid of stress.

Just an hour and a half from Bogotá on the road to Choachi, you will find this wonderful place which is surrounded by nature. Napoles offers three adult hot spring pools, a sauna, and a mud pit perfect for beauty treatments!

Hot spring pools offer many benefits for the body. The most recognized of these is reducing pain, in addition to stopping viruses, lowering blood pressure, helping blood circulation and oxidation, and dissolving and eliminating toxins. Leonidas, an assistant and hot springs lover, confirmed to us that for many people who go there with different kinds of pain, this pain largely disappears.

Schedule a date with the ones you love and take this little trip to rest and regain strength for a new week. I assure you that you will be surprised by the beautiful savannah that surrounds Bogotá and this rest will do a lot of good for your health and body.

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