Thursday, 4 May 2017

Students selling at Externado: a need?

By Juan Piñarete (3rd semester Social Communication student, level 4 English)

Students selling things at the Externado is becoming more common. The reasons why they sell are because they need to be able to continue studying, or simply that they want to save and so be able to buy something they want.

There are university students who need to sell sweets, sandwiches, potato chips and cigarettes, among other things, to make money. Almost always, these people live alone and don’t have a stable job, so they see the need for this “prohibited” work at the university.

Although selling at the university is prohibited, the faculties and administration have accepted that it happens, and understand the needs of the students. However, everything has a limit, because many times selling becomes a compulsive action. We can see this when students are selling during classes, during a speech, or in places where eating is prohibited.

Generally, the students who sell things make our lives easier. They are always at our side offering us their products and being kind to us. Recognising and supporting them would be an important step for the university.

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