Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Avatar: human reality

By Martha Rincón & Anamaría Zambrano

Avatar was directed by James Cameron. It was produced in the United States in 2009. It last 162 minutes. The cast includes Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, MIchelle Rodríguez, and Giovanni Ribisi. It is an action, adventure and science fiction film that shows our reality as human beings.

Jake Sully is an ex-marine that is handicapped due to the war. A long time ago, he was trying to get better, or recover his mobility, and Sully is selected to participate in the Avatar program, taking the place of his deceased brother. So, Jake is transferred to Pandora, a moon which not only has a totally new atmosphere, but also an amazing biodiversity.

Avatar is a scientific program which pursues the creation of a new body, one of the community members of Pandora. They create this, by mixing both human and native DNA.

The main idea of the movie is the conflict between humans and the native species, because humans want to extract unobtainium, which is a very expensive mineral.

On the other hand, Avatar could be interpreted in various ways. From a political perspective, we can analyse the relationships of power and the desire to colonise and command.

Finally, we totally recommend this movie, because it makes people think about the reality of our planet and its environment. It's so thought-provoking.

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