Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Brazil: Many Countries In One Through A Colombian Vision

By Julio César Botero

Brazil is the biggest Latin American country, with a territorial extension of 8.514.877 km2,  equal to 7 times the territory of Colombia. This country is known for its incredible beaches and landscapes, as well as its great cultural diversity which is distributed between 26 States -  each of these with customs and totally different traditions.

Colombia and Brazil are essentially recognized by the warmth and kindness of their inhabitants, as well as the happiness that their people transmit when sharing with others. Nevertheless, quite Colombian, or any person who has had the opportunity to live in Colombia, will agree in affirming that the cultural diversity that exists is very big, and that the people of every region of the country are totally different in their way of being, their way of speaking, of interacting, of celebrating, of living and even of dancing. Now, if you were thinking that a country like Colombia possesses a great diversity, now imagine Brazil  - a country 7 times bigger than Colombia.

It is for this reason that if we want to talk about a real culture shock, the answer is Brazil, because if in Colombia it becomes difficult to categorize the Colombian culture, it becomes even more complex to define the Brazilian culture. This is why inside Brazil, people defend the idea that they are many countries in one.

 Comparing the regions: The Brazilian version of the paisas, costeños, rolos, and llaneros.

Brazil is divided into 5 big regions, each of them with a great number of States; nevertheless, it becomes very complex to differentiate each of the details and differences of any one State from other one. It is because of this, that I will do a regional comparison to do a more general approximation of the type of culture that prevails in every region.

Northern Region: In this region, we find  the great jungle of the Amazon, which is why there is a strong indigenous influence in their development and cultural construction. Likewise, there are many immmigrants from all parts of the world who helped to populate these territories, bringing about a great mixture of races. This part of the territory of Brazil is characterized by the tropical climate that it possesses, meaning its inhabitants are sociable, happy and friendly and even a bit over-familiar,  so it is a land where it is easy to meet new people. This is why foreigners always are got well. It is possible to compare these people with the people of the coast because of their friendliness and extroverted way of being.

Central region: This region of Brazil is characterized by the great development in ranching and agriculture. Cultural construction happened through the big competitions of coleo, and festivals of agriculture. This region of Brazil can be identified by the cowboys of this country, in the same way as the llaneros in Colombia - both cultures that turned concerning certain economic development and positions that men and women were adopting in the development of this type of societies by what often they manage to be considered sexists.

North-east: This region can be compared with the Caribbean people of Colombia, sharing big similarities in terms of the climate and the beaches, that form part of the cultural construction, as well as the strong influence of the African culture that came to these coasts through the great number of slaves who came to these regions in the epoch of the colony which was determining in the ethnic and cultural construction.

Southeast: In the southeast are loated the biggest cities of the Brazil like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, cities that are characterized for being cosmopolitans receiving people from all parts of Brazil and of the world, likewise they are financial and managerial centers and as any big city handles big dynamics that can be compared with Bogota, what does of this region similar to the rolos in the measure that they are a multicultural construction of the country and that in turn for it waves and the fan of day after day the people do not tend to be so sociable for being running across the work or the study.

Region South: This region is totally different from anyone that we could imagine in Colombia due to the fact that their construction is done in a climate by stations and to a great number of European emigrants who populated this region to be making them more comparable to a small Germany, nevertheless I do the comparison with the paisas due to the kindness of the people with the foreigners and the great culture of the work and the entrepreneurship that these people possess which though can being comparable with everybody in Colombia however the paisas has this typical stamp of being always recursive enough.

Undoubtedly the Brazil is such a rich country culturally as Colombia reason for which depending to the place that is visited the experience will be totally different. It is to take the risk and to risk always to live through new things.

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