Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Lucid Dreamer

By Angie Montealegre

You would imagine that you could do that you want? That you could travel to other worlds? That you could fly like a butterfly or maybe run like a tiger. Would this be wonderful or no?

A lucid dreamer is a person that can know what he is dreaming. He controls this, and he does that he wishes in his dream also he can wake up when he does not like happens in this dream. This is an ability that few people have but everybody wants to have or not?

You think for a moment about something that you want to achieve, or you want to be. Something wonderful and magic. How about a character from a book or cartoon? Maybe a super hero? And if this character has powers. Maybe magic like Harry Potter fly like Peter Pan, it can travel to other worlds like Narnia. All of this can do a lucid dreamer and are you a lucid dreamer?

Become a lucid dreamer is possible for anyone. You only must propose it to you and really want it. You know that you are dreaming is difficult, but you can try any things to recognize that you are in a dream. The lucid dreamers recognize that they are in a dream because they realize that things change very fast. An example is that you are in a living room speaking with your mother and the next moment you appear with her on a beach. These things help you to know if you are in a dream or not so first you try to see if that you are living is coherent if this is not very coherent or this is not possible in real live. You will know that you are in a dream. You can try to hit you to wake up when you see anything that you do not believe possible thus you will learn to wake up or if you continue in your dream control this.

There are many ways for you will try to become a lucid dreamer, but you must try fist these two as these are the easiest. The important is that you must really this and you have to try this repeatedly until you achieve to it.

I have tried several times, but I have not been able to achieve. I have arrived to knew that I am dreaming but I have never awakened or controlled my dream. I want to do because I want to live anything different and I want to do that in my real live I do not do. I believe that I will be able to do it if I keep trying.

You will try it. If you achieve control your dream. You would be able to escape each night to a place where your imaginative will not have limits.

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