Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Did you know that sleeping with your TV on, could lead to depression in the future?

By Daniela Mesa

How would you react if I told you that technological devices don’t work as the way you think? Over the years, scientific research has been using animals to check these assumptions, to later test in us, humans.

     A few years ago, a study was carried out with the purpose of discovering some disadvantages of sleeping with technological devices, and it’s a little bit absurd, because we are passing through the Millennial generation, the ones who literally depends on new technologies. But... does it really exist a bad thing in all of this? Possibly, what do you think? We always hear that everything in an extremely way is bad, and certainly it is.

    A research made by the Annual Congress of American Society of Neuroscience and Dr. Rand Nelson revealed that: “The optimum level of light needed by the mammals' brain to rest, is surprisingly low. Researchers associate the effects of exposure to light to a hormone called melatonin, which is produced when the body detects darkness. If there is too much ambient light, the body could produce inappropriate amounts of melatonin".

     To reach this conclusion, they had to go through thousands of investigations and tests, which leads us to think if maybe we are exceeding the use of our devices. This study also states that we can suffer depression, but it is more than just something scientific, the fact of staying for hours and hours spending time on a computer can take us to a point of social isolation, so it is not to necessary scientific results to understand it, we are living this situation, and we must pay attention to that, trying not to exaggerate its use. Another solution is to take small breaks to rest the body. At time of going to bed, try to turn off all of the devices which you have been using, it will also make your body feel rest and healthy.

     Well, this information will lead us to think twice next time we want to spend hours on tv, we are students, most of the time we’re using cellphones, computers, tablets, etc. It´s something like our daily bread, considering that we are living in an age of a constantly use of technology for doing homework, study, research something and also surfing in the net, being more important than going out with our friends and family. Interesting, isn’t it?

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