Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Subliminal Messages: Another problem of consumerism

By Juan Pablo Gómez

If do you like analyze things that many people can´t detect, this topic could interest you. Subliminal messages are a technique that has been used since ancient times, mainly by publicists, in this age is very easy to persuade people by publicity, for example this can be in Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or TV. All time we are impact for all types of messages, in this moment we can analyze the political campaigns in that publicity repeat many times some words with the purpose of cause recall in viewers and after achieve a vote.

Neuromarketing is other type of technique used by neurologists to measure how we respond to certain stimuli, especially advertising. It shows the effectiveness of these stimuli with a test done by Kevin Randall where he shows us how the subconscious takes 85% of our decisions, while 15% are really decisions made by ourselves.

These subliminal messages are strategies that nowadays use the world brands to promote their articles and / or products. Some criteria used to send these messages are, the search for sexual satisfaction, because these are persuasive forces that can lead a person to be oriented to a topic related to this.

In Colombia we can analyze the political campaigns in that be one in specific, this is a song about a candidate in that his last name is repeated in many parts, this is a strategy for the people remember permanently and after most of they will be influenced for vote in the elections for this candidate.

We are in a consumer world, we get carried away by what the media say, call the internet, radio, television, etc., hundreds of companies coexist that are dedicated to producing items that are not necessary but they make us look like this and is very important that we can select our needs before buy anything and don’t believe all that said the media that try to convince for buy their products.

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