Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How is anime seen in society?

By Javier Garzón

Today, we have a lot of types about anime and we have the opportunity to see, through television and pc after the passage of time the anime has developed and evolved creating great icons like : Dragon ball , Naruto , Pokemon ,  Yu-Gi-Oh! , Digimon , Knights of the Zidiac , Ranma ½ , Tsubasa, One piece , Astro boy etc some of these animes marked the lives of many persons.

But currently How anime is seen in society? As time passes the anime culture is becoming more accepted an example of this is the events make every years in Corferias  the name of this event is “Sofa” in this a lot of people meet and  has a great variety of activities for its users since this event is divided into different options depending on the tastes the user can choose between the different areas that are in this place for example for the gamers is a tournament of the game League of legends in which the guys can put together groups to play and win this tournament and win different prizes.

This event is characterized for being a place full of fantasy and leisure where they congregate communities involved with video games, science fiction, role-playing and strategy games, comics, fantasy literature, manga , anime and cosplay.

This event has been held in Bogota since 2009 and its success has been such that it is still celebrated and continues to grow even more.

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