Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Graffiti as a part of Bogota’s culture

By: David Santiago Arias Bustamante

Can you imagine Bogota without graffitis? Have you seen all the pieces that are around of the city? Well if you haven’t I will invite you to look around because graffitis are everywhere.

Bogota has become a gallery of art, because it has many types of graffitis and they transform the city and make it more colorful. One of the best things of Bogota’s graffiti is the quality because most of them are as good as a pieces of art that you usually see in the museums. Another thing about Bogota’s graffiti is that a lot of famous artists have painted in the city and the art is so original thanks to the variety of styles from another artists from other parts of Colombia and the world, for example; DOES, from Netherlands; STINKFISH, from Colombia; PEZ, from Spain and others.

Finally, the graffiti in Bogota is a tourist attraction, there is a tour in the city that shows the graffiti around La Candelaria and this tour has become one of the best things to do in the capital. Bogota’s graffiti has risen in popularity so much that some statistics of some graffiti pages have said that the graffiti in the city is in the top ten of the best graffitis in the world.

However, there were a lot of issues with the graffiti in Bogota because a lot of people though that graffiti was an act of vandalism but the graffiti has slowly becoming in a tool to make the city more colorful. Right now there is a project called Distrito Graffiti that promotes the graffiti in zones that are not very colorful like Puente Aranda, so this project helps the city to be nicer and also changes the ordinary places in a tourist places. In conclusion is better to leave the graffiters makes their art in the city because in better for everybody.

The graffiti at this point has become part of Bogota’s culture because it is one of the things that many people from other parts of the world want to see and they like to learn about, because they see graffiti as a part of Bogota’s identity. Also many painters like to paint typical Colombian art, as well as indian art from Muiscas, Guayu and another tribes.

Now you know the story, what are you waiting for? Go and explore the city.

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