Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Da Vinci code

By Daniela Arias Chaves

Da Vinci code is a novel that was written by Dan Brown. This book is so interesting because it question the church and their ideologies according to the past. This book talks about the catholic religion because it is said that in the past, Maria did not have her baby miraculously and in some parts of the world say that Maria had a daughter that was called Sarah, and then they took the power during three centuries of France. 

About the plot of Da Vinci Code, we have to be careful because not all the information is true, this book is composed of fiction and true things, this is why the book has a lot of hide things and the church disagree these ideas because there are information that affect the power that they has and if this real secrets got public, the church would lose many believers. 

I strongly recommend this book because you learn to have different opinions about one topic and to have critical through and decide how you can act in front of your beliefs reading or listening things that disagree this beliefs.

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