Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Social networks addiction

By Daniel Peñaloza

Currently, young people have developed an addiction to all the social networks. This is a big problem because they are not getting any concentration on what they have to do, that also cause many problems to the society.

Nowadays, is very common to see people with their phone all day, but while many people use their phone to make some activity related to work, most of them use it to chat in Whatsapp, watch pictures on Instagram or only to be distract from their own lives. Some people have serious problems to have a few minutes without their phones, which demonstrates how bad this addiction is. This problem is very dangerous to all of them, because sometimes the people go down the street watching their phones and die because they don’t see what happens in their environment, they don’ t see a car approaching to them or the deadly fall that is front of them.

Currently life has a different rhythm and we can’t lose the time in social networks because maybe something serious happened and we can lose the live in a few minutes.

The social networks were created to bring people together instead of separating them. How is possible that a family is sitting at the table and don’t talk because all is in the phone? We are losing a wonderful tradition for a new technologies.

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