Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Roger Federer Keeps Making History

By David Higuera

I remember the first match I saw of Roger Federer, I was with my old brother and both of us felt a lot things and it was incredible, I was scared, happy, impatient and I feel in the atmosphere so suspense.

It was the Wimbledon Final of 2009, his rival was Andy Roddick, It was an amazing match, a really incredible performance for both players. The title was for Federer who beat Roddick with this score: 3-6 7-6 7-6 4-6 16-14. As you can see, the final set was for death. In that year I was only nine years old and since that moment I started to be fan of Roger Federer, but not only for his talent, his personality is something grateful, the all love him, in every part he receives compliments and when he lose he takes the situation with a lot of humility. He has foundations for the kids in Africa and I think is very helpful for the world.

Now, in 2018, with 36 years old he won again the Australian open and in the Rotterdam Tournament he came back to the number 1 in the atp ranking, so he is the oldest player becoming the number one in the world.

Talking about other good players in the world, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray consider him as the best player of the history. Let’s take a review of the grand slam that Roger has: Australian Open: 6; Roland Garros: 1; Wimbledon: 8 and US OPEN: 5.

The grand slams are the most important tournaments in the professional tennis, every player dreams to win at least one grand slam in his career and Roger has twenty. Right now, the next goal of this man is win Wimbledon and have the record of most titles in the tennis history, now he has 97 titles and the man who has that record is Jimmy Connors with 109 titles. So we will see if he can make it by the end of his career.

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