Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How is the nutrition of a university student?

By José Amado

If you want to know what are the options of a university student to feed? You need to read this article on how to improve your daily diet.

The feeding in the university is one of the great problems that all the university students have, due to all the problems that can be caused when buying balanced food; This means that most students have nutritional decompensation problems and can not perform in the same way in the academic process.

The first problem is the short time you have to eat, since the normal lunch time that is had in most universities, is not enough with the long lines that must be done to get a proper lunch. The second problem is the lack of options for the student to eat enough nutrients, since not all students have the same tastes and this generates that they stop consuming certain offered portions of the daily lunch; for this reason they should give the option in different universities of an exchange of certain things, making the person replace things as they are: vegetables, soups or fruit; so there would not be days when some students had to consume unhealthy food, that in the long term begins to damage the metabolism of the body. The third problem is the little balanced food near the university, since most of the surrounding businesses are responsible for selling foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs or pizzas; which are not the best option for lunch time.

Normally university students eat the first thing we see or can find and where we first see space to eat, but the question is how to achieve this, without affecting our health; Many students decide to take their lunch to the university, but this is not a solution for those who can not carry their lunch every day, so how can the other students have a good diet?

Next, I will name some solutions that other students can take to improve their diet and health status; during the week try to eat fruit inside the classes and in the intermediate spaces during the classes, look for home cooked meals near the university to eat more balanced, only in cases of real need buy fast foods, so that this does not turn into a habit and finally try to go to lunch as a group, as it helps to make it easier to find a place to eat, since some look for the table while others buy the food of all, giving us more time to eat quietly.

In conclusion, feeding is difficult in university life, but there are many solutions to avoid suffering from this, the important thing is to get to know them throughout our journey at the university and thus make our experience easier at lunch time.

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