Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Current Stone Age

By Jessica Valentina Beltrán Castro

Wouldn´t it be interesting to see the Stone age today? To see a community that coexist under these terms?

According to “The Daily Mail” there´s a island in theindic ocean called “North Sentinel Island”. In that island there´s a tribu of hostile indigenous that live in the Stone Age.

Many of tourist and fishermen don´t dare to go close to that island.

That comunity it´s reconiced for killing hundreds of people with arrows and stones, it´s for that reason that we don´t know a lot about them or they´r lenguaje and culture, but we do know that they exists because of the pictures and stories people say about them.

The goberment of India has try to get close to them, but they decided to leave them by they´r own terms given to they could be the most vulnerable society on the planet because of they´r adaptability of the diseases we have now in our industrial comunity.

It´s for that reason that i consider that they should be left alone so they could grow and envolve on their own.

I believe that if we have any kind of contact with them everything will change because they could still be hostile and kill many of our people or just start believing that we migth be God and change all in what they believe.

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