Wednesday, 23 May 2018

What is the fourth Industry revolution and why should we worry?

By Catalina Castellanos

Troubled for mixed of digital tecnologies, physical and biological would change the world that we know it.
Sounds a bit extreme, Maybe, but if the prediction came to fulfill, it Will be.

We are around of tecnological revolution that will modify basically the way we live, working and connect between us.  The changes will be different to any experience to have had before.

The revolution it´s mean the transition to new sistems that are built on the structure of the digital revolution. The new period bring with him a tendency of automation of the invoice hand. His name came from a strategy proyect of high technology by goberment of Alemania, about that the people are working since 2013 to bring the total production to be independent of human workforce.

The companies can create Smart network be able to control itself, that means the process will controlled itself and create the products more quicly, sell them, contac with a client, save and renovate the information, reduce dead times at companies and other activities to nowadays are develop by persons along to all the value chain, this could represent an increase for US$14,2 Billions to the world economic in the next fifteen years.

This evolution can mean the disappearance of jobs as we know them, by that the speed, breadth and depth of this revolution is forcing us to rethink how countries develop, how organisations create value and even what it means to be human.

This can start with the change of human activities, for example the mode to work in a office, the human will be more efficient and creative, but the companies will have not a lots of persons to work, because the machines could do the activities. 

Some our us could we be obsoleted to markets and companies. That is a alarm to us for begin to study and change our customs and try to be more professional in many sorts and forget confortable and lazy life.

The real opportunity is know the future of bussines and production for start to train us to be able to control the new technology and foresee the next changes, while grow our abilities and delevelop a new social model. 

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