Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Will Halo change Formula 1?

By Jorge Buitrago

The formula 1 is the maximum category of the driving where it is the competition of the most popular international driving overcoming to categories as the NASCAR and the World Championship of Rally. The careers of F1 move along for different places of the world, in the career the winning pilot is rewarded so much as also the prize to the best builder there it is where this mercies Benz, Williams and Ferrari between others.

The cars of F1 are the most rapid and technological of the world, due to his extraordinary aerodynamics. A modern car of F1 can come in ideal conditions to 360 km/h to 18,000 RPM and they can generate lateral accelerations of up to 5 g in some curves.

The new technology implemented in the formula 1 for the protection of the pilot in the world the careers is a polemic, due to the fact that his aesthetics are not the identical more opposite to what form many years behind it was implemented. The halo not only expires with the safety opposite to an accident, but also it helps in the advertising Brand in equipment. The FIA like a regulator was fixed in the protection that would extra option to the drive, due to accidents spent as that of the pilot Ayrton Senna, Halo can serve in moments of impacts offering an additional protection in the head.

The appliance adds 14 kilograms to the total weight of the vehicle this with better reinforcements in the structure of the vehicle does that in moments of impacts all the exercised forcé transfers for the whole body of the vehicle. The arrival of the halo also influences the caracteristics that the pilot must have since to the momento to enter to the vehicle wings are complicated owed you measure that they are diminishing every season.

The comercial impact that has this piece is very big since the sponsors can use it as way to ahow his Brand, this to commercial leve lis more strongly since the logos would be more visible of the normal thing, the sponsors want to have more sales since the public is seeing the brand that they like in the car.

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