Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How is your home?

By Fabián Sandoval

I want to start this article asking me if we do the actions necessary for have one home in order, in peace and healthy. I am sure that the 90% of the people when they arrive to theirs home and this is disorganized, filthy or simply the things are not in its place, they do the possible for change this and put your house back in order and beautiful. good this article is for this mr reader for that you help me to put our home in order.

For nobody is a secret that the environmental situation of our planet is not the best, many places in our planet are starting to feel the consequences of the bad actions that the man has made in search of satiate simply his economics wishes since apparently, we think in own welfare and not as a community, we   do some actions with an economic thought regardless of the damage that may cause to our home and i wonder Money if it is wealth? apparently today yes.

But, are than bad the problems as they tell us? then i tell some problems for that you have a idea about it. it is not only about the progressive degradation of the ozone layer due to greenhouse gases. Neither of the increase of temperatures nor the rupture of the natural cycles of the planet. It's much more than that! Problems as the disappearance of water sources, contamination, deforestation, waste and probably the most important lack of water, the water will be the most valuable element of the 21st century according to certain experts, and you, what are you doing for help your home?

The people generally think that they can not do something for change the destination of the planet, but they do not know how wrong they are, the true change start since the home, since the small actions, since the correct environmental education in the future generations and so, as that popular phrase says "the small changes generate big differences", we start with small steps but what do you can do since your home for help the planet ? really are much the things that you can do as: Separate garbage, use products that can be reused, turn off lights, avoid leaving appliances plugged in, close faucets properly, take your important Recycle everything you can.

These are activities that generate big changes, so that you have an idea I can tell you that we use our own bag in supermarket and not the common plastic bags since these bags have the advantage that they are not disposable and can be reused again and again. They do not have to be discarded and therefore they do not contaminate the environment as if it happens with plastic bags which take around 100 years to decompose. Taking advantage of sunlight can also be of great help, you can leave the blinds open and allow your home to light up naturally, charge small devices like the cell phone with this light, the installation of solar panels is also a great ecological and natural advance for your home and finally we have the easiest and most comforting activity of all, planting trees, this is a simple idea and for no one is it a secret that trees are an important part of the environment since they produce oxygen, purify the air, fertilize the soil, serve of home for some species and also helps to a better future for future generations

Your home is disorganized, filthy and it needs your help, remember that your sons will live here tomorrow, give them a clean house, in order, the planet needs our help, it's up to you, take care of it, because there is only one home and it is called earth

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