Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Escape Room Colombia

By Danilo Villamil

If you have 1 hour for scape of a room and your live depend of your cunning, what will you do?

Thanks to technology now you can play this made of games but in person. Escaperoom Colombia is located in Avenue Suba and consist in choose a stage and try to go out of a room in less 1 hour. The room has different puzzles that will be answer with cunning and agility.

In some case that the puzzle it’s very hard for example decode a strange symbol in the walls or check for all room in search of different clues. In this hour people that have gone say that it’s an emotional and confusing game, in some case people were confused in the start. The instruct says any clues in puzzles that it’s are very difficult for answer it. It is a good plane for play with friends or family pit’s a game that don’t have nothing of violence.

One thing is sure this game give fun to people that visit it and it has a good pointed for the users of “TripAdvisor”.

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