Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Corporate social responsibility

By Nicolás Traslaviña

Have you ever thought about the impact that you generate or that companies produce to the environment to meet our needs? It is time to talk about our impacts and be aware that there are solutions to help the environment and make decisions that help preserve our environment.

Social responsibility is the commitment, obligation and duty of individuals, members of a company or society to contribute voluntarily to a more just society and to protect the environment. Social responsibility can be comprised of negative and positive actions, that is, the former refer to refraining from acting and the latter to act.

Social responsibility was caused by the concern of individuals, public authorities and institutions for the damage caused to the environment as a result of economic activity.

Is satisfying know that companies have social responsibility because they help strengthen functions that the government has for example in Colombia a country where  for the state this is not important  that some companies like post-employment care to create social politics  oriented to children supporting them in the practice of sports and  investing in the education of children, obtaining in this way results that drive the development of a nation.

In Colombia there are companies that do the opposite of social responsibility and due to their activities generate large damages in ecosystems or alter the operation of soils, product of exploitation and use of chemicals, frequently generating environmental damages that affect ecosystems and populations.

Today is a necessity that our state represents the population and makes norms that regulate social responsibility as an obligation which could generate great impacts in the business society and in the economic and social development of Colombia.

I think that this concept help to Colombia because it is  developing country that needs help to meet the needs of people being social responsibility the complement of a large number of companies that contribute to the individual and group growth of the country.One of the comapnies that apply this concept in our country is Coca-Cola, “It is not uncommon to see quality of life of people or that aim to care for the environment. Thus, as part of a campaign carried out a few years ago, he lives positively, the company has carried out different activities such as the planting of more than 25 million trees and seeds to generate environmental protection and numerous water births, as well as the donation of 12 water treatment plants that today benefit more than 165,000 inhabitants”. It is obvious that people think that Coca-Cola makes these social and environmental projects only for publicity but what is certain is that responsibility is an issue that all companies are applying, and not doing so could have their corporate name or image see discredited.

Independently if the companies decide to do it for publicity or not, this is a win for all because they are good projects that significantly benefit the state of the environment and the quality of life of the people.

The truth is that to be able to incentivize social responsibility it is necessary to invest a lot of the companies, so to begin with transformations you need to wait for time because the Colombian economy is very stabilized and does not offer the sufficient guarantee to invest a lot of money that could be used to get out of losses or cancel obligations.

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