Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The subway the discord apple of Bogotá

By Maria Alejandra Bejarano Montes

The metro in the Colombian capital has become a great utopia. It is no secret to anyone that Bogotá has no transport offer. The best system that possesses and at the same time the most disorganized is transmilenio. But, we stay there. And as the human being evolves, so at the same time the infrastructures it uses must evolve.

So we are in front of a problem. Bogotá capital of Colombia has not been able to evolve this stagnant gentlemen.

Let's talk about the subway's important topic. Word of five letters that has led debates and discussions. For some, this idea must be refuted and the integrated transmilenio system must continue. Obviously improving its structure, capacity and coverage. For others Bogotá needs a high meter. Why high? Because it is argued that the investment would not be so high and health conditions would be preferable. And others prefer an underground one so that the studies carried out by the mayor's office but not money that was thrown into the bin and other arguments that are related more with the aesthetic.

Those who defend the position of continuing with transmilenio, argue that the problem lies not in the system but in the integration of this network. That is part of sitp and transmilenio, there are buses and taxis. Each of these belongs to a different private entity. Which is illogical because in most developed countries is the state who handles public transport in its entirety. For this reason, public transport is not attractive, which means that people move privately and many buy cars, creating a congestion and endless traffic jams.

On the other hand, the argument of defending the meter is linked with time. That need that bogotanos and residents in the capital have to optimize their time and that no means of transportation still satisfies.

But beyond that, we must think of a solution to mobility that encompasses different dimensions. That includes the whole population and not a certain part. And with this I also want to say that it is affordable in any social and geographical setting.

Bogota has eight million inhabitants and to achieve an efficient metro system a complete network is required. And for this it takes time is not overnight. But we also need honest people who commit themselves and in reality watch over the future and the change in our city.

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